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Learn about Requirements and Estimations

Wacht more videos to learn how to use Best Practices to gather requirements and how to make accurate estimations for Software Projects: 

  • Natural Language Methodology to Gather Requirements
  • The Value of Mind Maps in Requirement an
  • How to create accurate estimations?


Our Solutions

  • Express ideas and concepts using natural language
  • Automate processes to drive productivity
  • Effectively gather and aligns business priorities
  • Build positive team work
  • Deliver on time and budget
  • Helps closing the IT-business gap
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What Our Clients Have to Say

ReqStudio is a key tool to be able to manage large software development projects without losing time or money. Even more important when you have more than 150 users requiring new functionalities. ReqStudio has been crucial to realize an reverse engineering, in order to get all software documented in record time. Towards the future, I only see working with ReqStudio, because it allows us to manage all requirements in a single tool shared by all teams. ReqStudio helps us to follow all quality standards required in health sector having all processes documented.“


Erick Muro

General Manager / RUM Healthcare

ReqStudio has allowed us to accurately manage timings and costs of our software development. We used to work with other tools and we lost money. Everything was very manually managed and it was very difficult to agree on priorities. Also difficult to align needs between business and IT teams. With ReqStudio everything was easy since minute one. ReqStudio allows us to have a maximal collaboration between different teams, facilitating the documentation and requirements definition. Now we have a comprehensive view of needs and everything is documented.


Edil Sánchez

General Manager /

Being a Software Development Company we are constantly making estimates of time and cost for our projects. This is a process that can become very expensive because it must involve members of the software development team and the business area. With ReqStudio we were able to minimize the time required in our technical area and be able to empower our business area to be able to make more effective proposals and then use ReqStudio approval flows integrating the technical team and the client. ReqStudio gives us full visibility of the projects all the time.


Kelly Winter

Creative Director / Netsoft

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